Sky Scramble

An original sliding puzzle developed by two mathematicians

Imagine you could touch the stars and move them!   What would you do?

Imagine you see a little red star that has been trapped into a constellation, but

the red star will be able to escape from the constellation if it reaches the red ring.

You try to help and move the red star… but there is a rule:

you are only allowed to swap the position of two stars if they touch each other!

Ah! rules… well, actually it is fun!   Now I don't want to imagine, I want to play:

Sky Scramble Icon app store Free!
Sky Scramble is a sliding puzzle with a classic flavor that...
  • engages people of all ages
  • integrates all menu options in a single screen
  • composes music with your moves
  • reproduces your best solutions and music compositions
  • challenges you to find the optimal solutions
  • has Game Center
  • offers hints using IAP


4/5   -   "This is a unique and enjoyable puzzle game that provides enough of a challenge to keep players coming back for more, but enough of a visual experience to provide a therapeutic distraction from the basic game mechanic. It has achieved the wonderful balance of being both relaxing and challenging throughout each of its 90 free levels (198 after an optional in-app purchase). For astronomy fans in particular, this should be the new puzzle game of choice."
Lee Hamlet of 148Apps

7/10   -   "Games like Temple Run and Candy Crush come into our lives and are gone just as fast. I think I've found a game that might just give all of them a run for their money and actually stick around. The game is Sky Scramble."   Raven Hathcock of GameSkinny

4/5   -   "Sky Scramble is the only puzzle game I’ve encountered which doesn’t much rely on spatial, linguistic, or arithmetic reasoning, which makes it interesting both for fans of puzzles and for those who generally avoid the genre because of the limited variety of abilities in use."   Kelsey Rinella on PocketTactics

4.2/5   -   "Sky Scramble... is a puzzle game with a fascinating theme, and original mechanics which perfectly fit the setting. ... I was seriously impressed by this game. It is obvious that it was designed by people that had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve. Definitely give it a try."   Nicola Salmoria of NonTrivialGames

4.2/5   -   "Sky Scramble is an addictive puzzle game, containing images from various galaxies, detailed graphics and a very smart gameplay."   Hericonejito of ShineApp

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